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Углеводородные растворители - Mobil Isopar G


Углеводородные растворители — Mobil Isopar G

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Mobil Isopar G, isopar G

Effective: September 01, 2005

Isopar® G

Hydrocarbon Fluid



Units Min values Max values Typical values Test method

(Latest method, unless specified otherwise)

Distillation range — Initial boiling point — 50% — Dry point °C 153.0 157.0 171.0 163.0 168.0 180.0 161 164 173 ASTM D 86-99
Flash point °C 41.0   42 ASTM D 56
Aromatic content (UV)* mg/kg   100 20 EC-A-A07
Bromine index * mg/100g   50 4 EC-A-B03/ASTMD2710
Colour Saybolt + 30   + 30 ASTM D 6045
Corrosion (3 hrsat50°C)   1b 1a ASTM D 130
Density at 15°C kg/dm3 0.7440 0.7550 0.748 ISO 12185
Non-volatile matter g/m3   10 1 ASTM D 381
Dielectric constant at 25°C * 1.995 2.050 2.013 EC-A-G01
Specific conductivity * at25°C (Ohm• cm)-1   °1.5×10-14 8 x 10-15 EC-A-G01
Sulphur content mg/kg   5.0 <1 ASTM D 4045

 Other properties

Property Units Typical values Test method

(Latest method, unless specified otherwise)

Aniline point °C 77 ASTMD611
Benzene content (GC)* mg/kg <1 EC-A-G03
Evaporation rate (n-BuAc = 100)* 24 EC-M-F01
KB value 29 ASTMD1133
Refractive index at 20°C 1.418 ASTMD1218
Surface tension at 25 °C (Wilhelmy Plate)* mN/m 23.0 EC-M-F02
Viscosity at 25 °C mPa.s 0.84 ASTM D 445
Viscosity at 25 °C mm²/s 1.13 ASTM D 445
Peroxides mgO/kg 1 ASTM D 3703

 °Cell constant = 1.5 x10-3

* Value may be determined by ExxonMobil procedures equivalent to industry standard test methods. Applicable sampling and testing methods are subject to change without notice and are available for review on request.

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